Thursday, July 24, 2014

Getting Kids to Be Active


In today's world it's harder and harder for kids to stay active.  With cell phones, internet, ipods, and television, kids have a lot to do before they even think about moving.  The good news is....children like to exercise.  They get grumpy without it, so it doesn't take much engineering to help them become more active.  Here are some tips we have used in our own family.

1. Limit electronics.  We limit this to 30-60 minutes per day and we use it as a reward for getting their jobs done.  Kids are not motivated to move if they have the option of t.v., so we have to limit this so they will find other things to do.

2. Have them exercise while they watch t.v.  I know one mom who doesn't let her kids watch t.v. unless they are on the exercise bike or treadmill.

3. Have exercise equipment around.  We have a trampoline and that helps get the kids motivated.  Swing sets, kiddie pools, sprinklers, and even a good climbing tree are all things that kids love to do.

4.  Make exercise one of their jobs to do each day.  We like to put it on our job chart.

5. Go to the park.  Take your kids to the park and you can read a book while they run all around.

6.  Be a good example.  Kids learn that exercise is important when they see you doing it.

7. Send the kids outside often.  If they have trouble coming up with things to do, write a list of outside activities that they can choose from.  The list always gets their brains fired up and they think of things.

8.  Have a family night at the local track.  My kids think it is so fun to race and to jump in the pit.

9. Take them swimming.  I use swimming at a local pool every day to reward them for getting their jobs done.  I take them and read a book while they swim.

10. Do active things as a family.  Camping, hiking, fishing, biking,skiing, and sledding are all active things that you can do as a family.

11. Go for a family walk in the evenings.

12.  Take your teens on a run in the morning with you.  This is great "talk" time!


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