Saturday, September 20, 2014

How to Stop The Whining

It's every mother's nightmare:  whining, crying kids as you're trying to get dinner ready, or when they come home from school, and especially just before bed.  How can you get a handle on it and reduce it in your home?

It's important to teach children not to whine and cry for things they want.  Not only does it make everyone miserable, it's not good for the child's self-esteem.  I learned early on some tricks that helped to lessen and even eliminate the whining in our home.

1.  Make sure the children have regular meals and snacks.  Many times children whine because they are hungry and they don't realize it.

2.  Make sure they are getting enough sleep.  And don't forget teens need as much sleep as a toddler does.

3. Make sure they are getting enough attention and love and touch.  Many times you just have to stop what you are doing and talk to them or rock them in a rocking chair for a few minutes.  They just need reassurance during the busy times of the day.

4.  Tell young ones to "use their words" to tell you what is wrong.

5.  If the above doesn't work, tell them they need to go to their room to calm down.  Let them come out when they are calm.  We used to tell the kids, you can whine in your room to your pillow, but you can't whine at other people, so you have to go in your room when you whine.  (This is not a punishment...this is just a calming down period.)  When they come out, give them a giant hug and tell them how proud you are that they stopped whining.  Ask them if they want to talk about what was bothering them in a nice voice.  Let them go play if they've forgotten about it, which will be the case nine times out of ten.

These are methods you can use that will help eliminate whining.  If they know it's not acceptable near you, and they have to go to their rooms to calm down...they usually can control themselves after awhile.  Hope this helps you to regain your sanity!  I know it helped me!  Here is another great article on whining from

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