Friday, May 2, 2014

Eye Contact

Most moms know that it's important to give your baby eye contact as you nurse them or feed them to help them develop their eyesight and to bond.  However, many people do not know that eye contact is important to older children as well.  Studies show that children who know how to give eye contact when they are talking do better socially.  It also helps a child feel loved when they have eye contact with you.  So look at them when you speak.  It's important.

I decided to test this out one day in one of my classes.  I was teaching the four year olds, and they were mad because I wasn't their regular teacher.  Then, one by one I looked them in the eye and asked them about random things, and pretty soon they were all eating out of my hand and climbing on my lap, ready to receive more love.  It really works.  Eye contact.  Who knew?

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