Monday, May 19, 2014

Helping young children develop good Character

As parents we have many teaching moments during the course of each day as children make good choices, or make mistakes with the people around them to teach good character.  Teaching things like honesty, kindness, patience, not showing off, not being greedy etc...are important traits we need to pass on in order to help children be happy.  In addition to reinforcing good choices and teaching our children religious values, we have found these books to be helpful.  I used to read them each night at dinner when my children were young and then we would discuss them while we ate.  They are books called the, "Help Me Be Good," series by Joy Berry.  Each title deals with a different character trait and looks like this:

My two youngest still enjoy reading these books at bedtime, I think because it helps them know how to be good, but also explains why someone else would choose not to be good, so they understand how to deal with their siblings or peers better.  These books are worth the investment and are written by a child psychologist who really knows how to talk to children so they understand.  And even if you can't afford to get them, you can look up the titles on amazon and get ideas for what subjects you can talk to your kids about at dinner or bedtime to help them develop good character traits, so they can thrive in society as they grow.

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