Monday, May 12, 2014

My Favorite Book to help children Sleep

Today I thought I'd share my favorite book on solving child sleep problems.  It really works.  It worked very well with all five of my kids.  I tried other things, but this was the only system that actually helped.  It was recommended by my doctor with my first child.  The book is called, Solve your Child's Sleep Problems, by Dr. Ferber.  Try it!  It really works.

It does recommend crying it out, which is hard on the mom at first, but trust me, it is the only way, and your child is so much happier when he learns to soothe himself instead of relying on you to soothe him to sleep.  I promise it will help.  And your child and you will feel much better!  You can do it!  Please leave a comment if you need support or have questions!  Try it first during naps, and that will be a lot easier, because once your child can do it at naptime, then the skill can be transferred to bedtime.  That worked well for me.  Some kids were easier than others...but the younger you start the easier it is.  I know from experience.  Good luck!!  And I promise this stage won't last forever!

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