Thursday, August 14, 2014

A Clean House with Minimum Effort!

I have to reveal here that I LOVE Flylady!  Before I discovered the free cleaning advice/system emailed daily by my house was a mess all the time.  (F.L.Y stands for: Finally Love Yourself!  Ha ha!  So true!)   But she has a system that makes it really easy to have a clean house.  I do "flylady light" because I don't have time to do a lot of cleaning, but it has made a huge difference in our home.  Here is the cleaning schedule I follow and it is minimum effort but the house is always guest-ready!  You can develop a similar schedule that works for you!  Basically if you develop a simple schedule and stick to it, you can't go wrong!

Every morning:
1. unload dishwasher
2. do one load laundry (start to finish and put away)
3. Wipe kitchen counters and sink.
4. Do a super fast pickup of each room of house.

Sunday: day off
Monday: Wipe bathrooms with antibac wipe and use comet on toilets and tubs.  Garbages from every room out. (You can save a step by cleaning the shower/tub sometime during the week when you take a shower/bath)
Tuesday: Dust, wipe down fridge, microwave and cupboard fronts. Wipe inside microwave.
Wednesday: Vacuum upstairs
Thursday:  Vacuum downstairs
Friday: Mop every bare floor including bathrooms.
Saturday: Day off!

I make the kids straighten their rooms and clean up after dinner each day.  It totally works with just about 20 minutes each day of cleaning for me.  Hardly any time at all!

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