Monday, August 25, 2014

My Recent Favorite YA Fiction

I read mostly YA fiction because I like to preview stuff for my kids, and this year, I read some great ones!  But there are two trilogies that stand out as my recent favorites.  Maybe because they both inspired me to want to save the world!   Here they are!

The following books are called, "The Queen of Attolia," and "The King of Attolia"


The following books in this trilogy are "The Runaway King," and "The Shadow Throne"

I just LOVED the hero characters in these books.  They were funny, yet noble in a way that drove everybody crazy.  For that same reason one of my all time favorites is the "Bartimaeus" series.  I really enjoyed the humorous main character of the genie who tried to be ferocious but was really just a softie.

What's your favorite fiction lately?

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