Wednesday, June 4, 2014

What to do with kids in Summer!

My daughter found these summer punch cards for our family to do this summer and we thought we'd share:

We made the cards worth $5, so it's kind of like an allowance, but you could make it worth ice cream or a mommy date or whatever.  What we put in the blanks are:

  • Exercise is worth 2 punches
  • Reading is worth 2 punches
  • Kind words all day is worth 2 punches
  • Obeying the 1st time mom asks all day 2 punches
  • Scriptures and prayers by yourself without mom 1 punch
  • Finish WHOLE job chart is 3 punches (besides the normal jobs our job chart includes an act of service and a special project of your choice that will grow your brain)
  • Bonus:  Going a whole day without electronics is worth 4 punches!

Happy Summer!

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