Thursday, June 5, 2014

Teaching Children How to Work


One thing we have noticed as we parent is that many times the classics work the best.  In this case, the good old job chart!  We have tried many ways to teach this vital principle to our children, but the job chart has always worked the best.  We usually link it to some type of reward, it doesn't have to be monetary, just something the child will enjoy.   Yesterday I went in search of differing printable job charts which I will share below, but first...some tips that will help you teach your child how to work successfully.

  • Teach the child what the standards are by working with him (many children will need you to work alongside them just because they get lonely and need company while they work.  Sometimes this can be solved by giving them a partner to work with, but it may just be that they need you)
  • Use a checklist for the steps of each job.  Post one in each area.  Some people laminate cards on rings for each step.
  • Work together as a family.  
  • Put on some upbeat music and be silly while you work together.
  • Work to help other people and do service for them.  This makes children feel good inside.
  • Be kind, don't criticize...just teach.
  • Determine whether the child needs the reward weekly or daily to say motivated.
  • Make sure it's not so much work that they never get time to play.
  • Do not micromanage.  This will discourage the child.  Find things to compliment about what they are doing.  Let go of perfectionism.
  • Make sure the job is age appropriate in terms of safety.
  • If a child is particularly responsible, do not make them in charge of running the whole household.  A child needs to be a child.  It can be damaging and stressful to make them be the adult in a relationship.
  • Change things up every once in awhile to re-motivate.  Change the reward, the chart, the jobs, whatever.

And now....the job on the captions to go to where you can download the ones you love!


FOR MORE IDEAS AND CHARTS:  Go to my parenting pinterest board here.  There are many other printables and ideas for getting children to do their jobs!

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