Thursday, April 17, 2014

Why I'm writing this blog

As I sit here wondering why I am adding more things to my already gigantic to-do list, I realize that the reason I want to do this is simply that it is my passion.  I have passionately wanted to be a good parent, and over the years I have studied and experimented and worked through so many things that have worked and not worked, and I know many parents struggle with the same things I did.  I wanted to share my experiences, my mistakes, and my successes, so that maybe someone else might benefit from what I have learned.  It may just be my children, as I plan to make a book for them of the things I write on this blog, but I hope what I have to share will benefit the families of the world in some way that may give help and hope, and bring joy to people's lives, helping them to enjoy the fruits of being a good parent.  Please feel free to comment or send questions about parenting, and I will share my experiences with you, and hopefully you will share your own experiences in the comment section.  Together we will help the children of the world to succeed through strengthening families.  I hope to post every day so come back often!


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