Friday, October 10, 2014

10 ways to Find Joy in Motherhood


Does this seem impossible?  Does your life feel like one never-ending stream of giving consequences and feeding, chasing, and changing?  There are ways to find joy in the mundane parts of motherhood, and there are also ways to help you feel fulfilled.  Here are some of the ways mothers I know have done it over the years.

1.  Exercise:  One word.  Endorphins.  I started swimming laps recently and I am scaring people with my cheerfulness, especially right after I swim.  It really helps keep your mood up.

2.  Eat Healthy:  I can tell when I'm not eating healthy because I feel tired and blah.  Eating healthy will help you to get more joy, and feel more energy to do the things that will bring you that joy.

3. Don't be too busy:  This causes stress that will stop your enjoyment of motherhood.  Be a guardian of your precious time.  Stand up for your family and say no to things that will distract you all from the joy of spending time together.

4.  Plan outings:  Getting out of the house each day with the kids will get you into the sunshine and soaking up that vitamin D that is so good for you.  Take day trips and family vacations.   Do it with a friend so you can have some human contact other than your kids.   It really helps...and it makes life more fun.

5. Lower your expectations:  Do not expect to finish your whole list.  Do not think your house has to be spotless.  Do not feel like your kids have to be perfect.  Just be happy if you get a few things done and your children are happy.  There is a time when you will be able to finish that list, but right now, try to enjoy those little ones before they grow older and don't want to spend time with you.

6.  Listen to Music:  This is a huge mood lifter, and it can bring a feeling of peace into a busy home.  Or some upbeat music can help chores be more fun, especially if you are dancing with your little ones while you clean.

7.  Make a list of things you want to learn.  Just because you're no longer in school doesn't mean you can't keep learning.  Make a bucket list of things you want to learn, like playing the oboe, painting a room, writing an article, making stained glass art, gardening etc...  You will find little nooks and crannies during the day, like during naptimes, that you can start reading books or watching tutorials, and even practicing new skills.  This will make you feel like you are still doing things for yourself.

8.  Create something:  I love this video that talks about the joy of creating.

9.  Read Parenting books.  Your happiness grows when you feel more confident that you are doing the right thing with your children.

10.  Smile.  It works.  Smile at your children.  Laugh with them and chuckle at family mishaps.  See the glass half full.  Make a gratitude journal.  Help other people.  Invite a friend over.  When you proactively look for the blessings in your life and help others, you will begin to feel happier.

Here's another article about Happiness in Motherhood:  17 Habits of Very Happy Moms

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