Saturday, October 18, 2014

How to Budget in Crisis Mode

This was such an excellent article, I had to share it. (Click on the caption to read it).  We all have times like these.  Here are some tips my family uses when we need to cut down expenses:

1. Stop eating out.
2.  Make our own bread
3. Shop on Craigslist, ebay, or at 2nd hand boutiques or stores
4. Do our own home/car repairs after watching it done on Youtube videos
5. Cut my family's hair myself after watching it done on Youtube videos
6.  Cook homemade meals from scratch. (no prepackaged/precooked foods).
7. Buy meat on sale and plan meals around what's on sale that week.
8. Eat oatmeal or toast instead of expensive cereal.
9. Use cloth diapers.
10. Visit relatives for vacations and eat picnic lunches rather than at restaurants on the way.
11. Track all spending on  (awesome free budgeting website).

What kinds of things do you do in crisis mode?  If you are serious about saving these books:  The Tightwad Gazette Series.  They are my favorites!

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