Tuesday, October 7, 2014

5 Ways to Make your Husband Feel Loved

This was such a great article.  Click on the caption to read it.  I always think the best way to make children feel secure is to have a stable marriage.  And don't think a high conflict marriage can't be stable.  The thing that makes a stable marriage is that there is a ratio of 4 positive interactions for every negative interaction.  So your marriage may be just as stable as the neighbors who never fight.  It all depends on that ratio.  The above article contains ideas for positive interactions.

And here are some more:

1. Do something HE wants to do.  Even if it's a Roller Derby.
2. Be interested in his work.  Even help him with it, if that's a possibility.
3.  Try not to criticize.  Be a cheerleader.  Let him do it wrong and praise the good things.  Be happy that he's willing to help.  Never criticize his character.
4.  Have regular dates.  This is more important than you realize.  Keep it up, even if it's not convenient.  This keeps you connected.
5.  Go on vacations alone every once in awhile if possible, even if it's once every three years.  This can build important connections and bonding.
6. Find out your husband's love language and speak it often.  It may be just having dinner ready when he comes home.
7. Work together on projects.  Some extrovert husbands need company as they do projects.  Some don't like company, so use your judgement.
8. Support them at their work functions.  I am bad at this, I have to admit, but some husbands like to have their wives in attendance at their work parties and functions.  It makes them feel more confident.  So I've tried to become better over the years.

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